Statements (3326) 19-07-18 21:25

Martin Peitz is strongly in favor of the departmental system and views the traditional German chair system as antiquated and inadequate for economics within academia.

Martin Peitz views the interaction between academics and practitioners and  the interaction across disciplines positively. However, neither of the two can substitute for academic excellence. In particular, mediocracy should not be allowed to advance under the cover of interdisciplinarity.

In Germany work in economics is typically categorized into economic theory and economic policy. Martin Peitz onsiders this categorization to be highly problematic as it supports the erroneous expectation of the public that some economists have an expert opinion on all economic policy issues.

Martin Peitz is a strong supporter of anti-discrimination. Decisions in academia (grading, hiring, promotion) must be purely based on merit. For a successful internationalization of German academia, a true tenure-track system appears to him the most promising path.

While measuring the quality of academic output is difficult and always open to criticism, the response by some, in particular, German economists to reject any measurement carries the big risk of navel-gazing. The opposite approach to base hiring and promotion of academics purely on some point system is equally worrying.