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Information for students

This page contains information for students

  • getting in touch with me

If you want a "Studienberatung", conversation concerning a Bachelor or master thesis, or a letter of recommendation please register with my secretary. She will provide you with a time slot.

If you want a letter of recommendation from me you must have taken at least one course with me and should have been rather successful in that course. Prior to talking to me, you should send a cv and an excerpt of grades from your studies to me by email. Please explain in your letter what you are applying to. Note that I consided to write a letter of recommendation for you only if you are a student with a major in economics or if you are a student from another discipline who needs a letter to apply for a master program in economics.

If you want to write your bachelor or master thesis with me, you should have taken electives in the area of microeconomics, preferably including a seminar. I supervise theses primarily on issues in industrial organization. The Bachelor thesis can be written in English or German.

Information for bachelor thesis [pdf]

Before talking to me, you should have done your own research as to which question or issue would be of interest to you. To get a feeling of the kind of theses that were written under my supervision, here a few titles of undergraduate theses which were written in the recent past:

- Mikrokredite und internationale Organisationen

- Product Personalization and Competition

- Wettbewerbsintensität, Innovationstätigkeit und Umsatzrendite in deutschen Unternehmen: eine empirische Analyse

- Formation of Connections in an Online Social Network – An Empirical Analysis

- Price Dispersion on German Internet Shopping Sites

- Slot Allocation at Airports

- On the Economics of Private Labels

- The Balancing Energy Market in Switzerland

- Simulation of a Merger in the German Market for New Automobiles: What Does the Random Coefficient Model Tell Us?

- Patentstrategien in der Automobilindustrie

- Selling Music Online

- ICT and Internationalization – Firm Level Evidence from Germany

- Open Access Networks

- An Economic Analysis of Umbrella Branding

- Die Nutzung von Twitter als Unternehmensstratgie deutscher Unternehmen

- Competition and Regulation in the Railway Industry

- Ökonomie des Lobbyismus

- Unternehmensgründer und Innovation in Deutschland – eine empirische Analyse

- Music Consumption in the Digital Age