Internet Economics

Internet Economics

Fall Term 2009


Instructor: Prof. Dr. Martin Peitz

Office hours: Wednesday, 11:00-12:00 h.

Method (hours per week): Seminar (2 hours, blocked)

Prerequisites: Microeconomics A+B

Course schedule: Friday/Saturday, November 20, and 21, 2009

Location: L7, 3-5, Room P044

Course language: English/German

ECTS-Credits: Bachelor 4, Diplom 6


Organizational Meeting: Monday, September 7th, 2009, at 17:15h at Room 031, L 7, 3-5.


Course description: The internet has led to new business models and market phenomena. In this seminar students present recent research papers that take a look at some of the phenomena. Papers will be made available at the beginning of the course. Topics include online auctions, price dispersion on the Internet, the long tail in retailing, music and movie piracy, and online advertising.


Contact person: Nuray Mamaç (Secretary to Martin Peitz), Tel. 181-1880

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To sign up for the seminar please write an email to nuray.mamac@econ.uni-mannheim.de including your matrikel no., mobile phone, major and semester.