Course title: Microeconomics I

Course type: core lecture

Instructor: Martin Peitz

Semester: Fall 2008

Method (hours per week): 2

Time and location: (first 7 weeks) Mondays, 13:45-15:15 h at 001, and Wednesdays: 13:45-15:15 h at 031 – both seminar rooms located in L 7, 3-5

Course description: In its first part, the course provides a formal introduction into the theory of decision making and preferences under certainty and under uncertainty. The second part treats game theory under complete information, with particular emphasis on epistemic questions in normal form games and on dynamic games under symmetric information. Prerequisite is a solid foundation in mathematics and the introductory course in Mathematics taught at the beginning of the term.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Peitz, Ph. D., Tel. 181-1835, martin.peitz@googlemail.com.